In The Lair الغلا

Leather Batwing Skirt c/o The Lair // Sheer Bralette // Topshop's Shag In The Lair الغلا أزياء اوروبيهSweater
Photographer: Chris Velasco
Somewhere across the globe you’ll find Ash – the babe that supports my leather fetish and the ultimate mastermind behind The Lair. In a world where overprized leather pieces cost an arm and a leg, Ash personally designs a girl’s eternal heaven of all things dark and dreamy. I feel pretty damn special to be the first blogger to receive a piece from her, and although the pictures were a bit delayed, this is the first of two batches in this black batwing number.

🌷 مواضيع مشابهه مختاره من شات الغلا 🌷
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