غلا Ideologia

غلا  Ideologia
غلا  Ideologia
Top - vintage Betsey Johnson, Shorts - Vintage, Thigh-Highs - eBay, Boots - Karmaloop, Knee Harness - Ideologia, Bag - c/o Shoedazzle

I kinda went nuts and ordered a ton of custom harnesses from this Etsy store called Ideologia ازياء وموضه اوروبيه like six months ago, then forgot I ordered them and never sent the owner my measurements to have them made, then remembered randomly like a month back and emailed the shop, and finally got these bad boys in the mail! Whew -- totally cool and so glad I remembered! Now if only I could find a way to wear hosiery more than once before it rips...

🌷 مواضيع مشابهه مختاره من شات الغلا 🌷
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